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IT Know-how in Consulting and Technology - with more than 24 years Experience

Frank Hissen

Owner Frank Hissen successfully studied Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) focusing on IT security. For over 24 years, he works as software engineer and IT consultant; for over 19 years, he also works in various positions as security expert in IT development and consulting projects. He mainly worked for large businesses but also small and medium-sized companies (SMBs).

HissenIT develops software and system architectures for complex systems and implements them or supervises the implementation. Moreover, he creates studies and function specifications.

In the area of IT security, Mr. Hissen is specialized in applied and technical IT security. For major as well as smaller companies, he equally developed and implemented security solutions and accompanied processes for secure product and software development.

In the area of cryptography and encryption, Mr. Hissen developed security solutions as Senior Solution Engineer at SECUDE before he became self-employed in 2009. Since then he works as freelancing expert in the area of web and cloud application security. He creates secure conceptual designs of system architectures but also takes care of their secure implementation and corresponding security requirements. One other focus is the technical examination and validation of the actual implementation.

Until now, Mr. Hissen worked in various projects amongst others for Deutsche Telekom AG, SECUDE, Allianz AG, ITO Darmstadt UT and SAP Research.


If necessary, we develop tailor-made / custom-made software solutions. Another key factor for business success is IT security. We provide consultancy in this area, no matter if we regard IT operations, your Web shop or IT product.

Network of Specialists

Due to our longtime experience in IT projects we hold a large contact network. If your project needs special knowhow or has specific requirements, we can use resources from our broad network.

We have contacts in companies and contact to freelancers who cover topics like Common Criteria, ISO 27001 or PCI-DSS certification as well as iPhone development and Windows administration, for example. We stay independent and without charge but provide the contact and accompany the whole project from your perspective.