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HissenIT InvoiceCreator and ParcelConnector - IT Solutions for small and medium-sized Businesses [News]

Added at 04/03/2023 by Frank Hissen (Update: 04/15/2023)

In addition to custom development and consulting services for SMEs in the field of data exchange, maintenance, evaluation and preparation as well as import & export especially in the sector of e-commerce, HissenIT also offers ready-to-use applications that enable technically skilled users with little or no support to integrate solutions for invoice and document creation as well as DHL parcel label generation into existing systems and individual work processes.  ...

Understanding CSV Files: What they are and how to use (How-to) [Background articles]

Added at 02/04/2023 by Frank Hissen

Using CSV files is a daily routine for many people who have to accomplish a - fully automatic or semiautomatic - data exchange between different IT systems. CSV files are not the only solution path, but are very common. This concerns for instance online and e-commerce businesses which import the current orders from eBay into their own ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) or the accounting when exporting tax data to the tax office.  ...

Windows 11 Certificate-based File Encryption (CrococryptFile with Hardware/Software Token) [IT Security]

Added at 09/20/2022 by Frank Hissen

HissenIT's CrococryptFile fully supports Windows 11 including crypto suites. Besides classical end-user password-based encryption of files and folders, also the Windows Keystore using certificate tokens can be used. Hence, existing PKI infrastructure components can be used to encrypt file archives quickly also in business groups.  ...

HissenIT ParcelConnector to easily integrate DHL Shipping Solutions published [News]

Added at 06/05/2022 by Frank Hissen

Using the solutions "ParcelConnector" and "Desktop-ParcelConnector" companies can integrate the purchase of DHL shipping product labels including customs declarations into their own sales process.  ...

(Briefly) Backups - Do we need that? [Background articles]

Added at 11/03/2021 by Frank Hissen


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We offer individual / tailor-made Software Development services. Our software is based on our cost-efficient Development Framework.

Automation of Files, Images, Documents
eBay Solutions: Shop and ERP Connector / Lister / Middleware
Automatized Creation and Printing of PDF Invoices

Moreover, we offer our own software products - both commercial and free/open-source, e.g.:


EDP, Informatics, Computer Science, IT

Due to our long-time experience in complex IT projects and our computer science background, we always work with sustainability in mind. Hence, the solution we develop for you is usable, manageable and long-run fit for the future.

With our services, we support your business processes as well as your product development. No matter if your company is from the IT sector or is simply using IT to support your business case. Our customers are international companies of all sizes - including small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Solutions, Consulting, Training

DHL CSV Upload Label

We develop solutions on our own or counsel and offer consulting of other external development. We always act pragmatically, neutrally and from your point of view, totally independent of other service providers or manufacturers. With individual/online Trainings and Coachings, we try to teach complex issues, so you yourself or your employees can act sustainably and independently.

During our years of project work, own standard solutions and concepts have matured which we can use when required. For instance, we offer standard software like in the e-commerce sector the HissenIT Desktop-ParcelConnector for CSV-based order uploads for shipping label PDFs of "DHL" or the HissenIT InvoiceCreator for Excel-/CSV-based PDF document creation.

IT Security, Encryption, Authentication for Business

Our customers benefit in everything we do from our longtime experience in the are of IT security. We have fundamental background knowledge about secure software programming, secure operation and security processes that are truly usable. Individually developed software for you will always be sustainable.

Cryptographic topics, like integrating and managing PKIs (e.g., X.509 certificates, e-mail security, S/MIME, PGP) within large and smaller businesses as well as individual encryption and authentication, complete our IT security service.

Moreover, we offer online training courses in the area of IT security. In the following, we explain "Why should we encrypt data at all?":

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