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HissenIT InvoiceCreator and ParcelConnector - IT Solutions for small and medium-sized Businesses

Added at 04/03/2023 by Frank Hissen (Update: 04/15/2023)

In addition to custom development and consulting services for SMEs in the field of data exchange, maintenance, evaluation and preparation as well as import & export especially in the sector of e-commerce, HissenIT also offers ready-to-use applications that enable technically skilled users with little or no support to integrate solutions for invoice and document creation as well as DHL parcel label generation into existing systems and individual work processes.

HissenIT InvoiceCreator for generating PDF invoices, delivery bills or basically any documents with tabular content as well as HissenIT ParcelConnector for obtaining business customer parcel labels for (international) parcel as well as merchandise mail dispatch are ready-made solutions that work on the basis of files for data exchange. Various CSV Formats as well as Excel Files are used.

In addition to generic, proprietary formats, common formats are also supported and new ones (often free of charge) are gladly integrated. For example, InvoiceCreator already supports the Paypal report format and eBay Sold Listings Report files (*.csv). With the help of files for data exchange, even less technically experienced users can quickly achieve an optimization of their order processes.

Customized, individual customer solutions can also be developed based on these applications or their core functionality. A common example is integration projects to existing systems through Database or other connectivity. In this way, seamless processes without media discontinuity are possible, including data reflow. There are various options for the connection itself:

In the following small demo video we explain how to use "HissenIT InvoiceCreator" to create PDF invoices (for mailing or easy printing) on the use case Paypal transaction reports (CSV/TAB):

In case of playback problems, you can also find the video on YouTube.

HissenIT DHL ParcelConnector using CSV File
Demo Harmonized Label DHL Parcel

InvoiceCreator is available as Freeware for up to 10 invoices per day, without any registration. Desktop-ParcelConnector can also be tried out directly with productive data in a demo.

Since version 1.7 (04/12/2023) an additional tabular customs declarations format is supported by Desktop-ParcelConnector (Sample file: PaketConnector_CustomsTable.xlsx) and using the folder "label2invoice", every single shipping label including customs declarations is stored using the according invoice number - in case invoice numbers are used:

These can be used for easy archiving (e.g., for tax audits) or for using automated printing solutions.

If you want to get a little more Background knowledge about CSV Files, our blog article "Understanding CSV Files: What they are and how to use (How-to)" is recommended.
In addition, we are happy to provide individual online training and direct instruction for all data processing topics, including basic topics if desired. Often we can enable dealers to cover technical topics on their own. Of course, we are also available as a contact partner on request.

About HissenIT

HissenIT offers a spectrum of ready-made products and proven solutions as well as custom software development. For example, we develop or integrate Web Services or build interfaces and automation technologies, e.g. for Data Import/Export.

This includes the automated Import of Orders (Shop/Store Systems, eBay, Afterbuy etc.) or the synchronization of article or master data. Individual Data Conversions are also possible.
Another example is the individual connection of accounting systems that do not offer an export to the standard Elster-CSV formats for sales tax and OSS procedures or other individual evaluations. This is most easily done with add-on programs that are integrated into the unchanged, existing system landscape.

With our in-house products such as InvoiceCreator and ParcelConnector, we offer ready-to-use software for the creation of invoices, delivery bills, documents in general and the purchase of DHL shipping labels. Also, these products can serve as a basis for custom software or customizations.

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