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Applied Cryptography, Encryption, PKIs: Consulting and Development (worldwide)

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Due to our years of experience in the area of cryptography, we offer the conceptual design and the development of individual security and encryption components. Besides encryption technologies, authentication mechanisms are part of our portfolio. Some exemplary keywords:

In individual cases, we assess the possibility of so-called "crypto hacking". For instance, if an employee forgets a password, we can check if meaningful technical measures exist to try a password cracking towards the corresponding application. It might be necessary to acquire certain computing resources for the individual case.

E-Mail Encryption / File Encryption / Full Disk Encryption

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Besides developing new components, we also offer consulting in the area of mail, file and disk encryption for your business using existing software and infrastructures. We prefer open-source solutions in conjunction with standard software like Office products. However, we also know proprietary solutions on the market which might cover your specific requirements.

Java Cryptography Architecture / Java Crypto Programming

Our longtime experience in Java development allows us to provide further development services in the area of Java and Android.