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Java Cryptography Expertise (worldwide)


We are developing crypto solutions and middleware in Java for more than 23 years, more than 19 years in IT projects for mostly large but also medium enterprises.


We offer architectural, implementation and development services for tailor-made Java-based cryptography components. This can be a complete software, a middleware/library following an easy to use API for your own application or a simple proof-of-concept (PoC).

If you are just interested in an architectural or conceptual work – even independent of Java or interdisciplinary – you are welcome as well.

CrococryptFile by HissenIT

Our portfolio includes but is not limited to Java development of

Furthermore, we support

We have worked with Java crypto providers like Bouncy Castle, IAIK, Sun, Oracle and others. We have used dozens of algorithms including the most prominent like AES, Twofish, RSA, DSA, HMAC. We always use a standard implementation of the corresponding algorithm or protocol.

CrococryptMirror by HissenIT

Java Environment

Demo by HissenIT

We embed tailor-made crypto components into

Other Services

We also offer online trainings in the above mentioned expertise. Checkout our account on, e.g., Udemy, Teachable for existing courses about introduction to encryption and the Java Cryptography Architecture.

Moreover, we offer on-demand courses or webinars to specific topics or questions. If you want to get an opinion from an IT security expert on your application security concept or if you require face-to-face question time on a certain topic, feel free to contact us for an offer.

Online courses can also be provided and licensed in the SCORM format for enterprise LMSs.

Furthermore, you can utilize our expertise in writing for specifications, concepts or online articles.

Working Examples

CrococryptLib by HissenIT

Besides our professional expertise from IT projects for large enterprises, we offer several freely available software:


CrococryptLib offers several Java-based crypto services around password hashing and password-based/symmetric encryption. If you are searching for individual components in this area, you might want to use CrococryptLib instead of custom developed components. CrococryptLib is part of our expertise - ready-to-use in a library.


To contact us visit our contact page.

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