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Please read our article "Crococrypt Product Family Status of 2021 (Quo vadis?)" for more information.

CrococryptLib for Java and Android:
The easiest way to integrate encryption into your application using a single library

With this library anybody can write encryption and other crypto services (worldwide)!

Do you know how to deal with an AES block cipher mode like CBC or parameters like initialization vectors?

Do you know how to easily encode, store and transmit encrypted data?

Do you care about secure storage of passwords or password-based encryption?

Use industry standards like PBKDF2 and PKCS #5 with auto-secure settings like HMAC, iteration count and salt.

CrococryptLib provides the most easiest way to integrate encryption into your own application. No in-depth cryptography knowledge is required, save development time & budget... .


Want to see code immediately? Take a look at our code examples which demonstrate the easy usage that we claim.

The code is included in the trial SDK download.


System requirements

If you have feature requests or need a support for other Java versions, feel free to contact us.

Proven Technology


Don't worry, we do not implement crypto algorithms like AES or SHA512 ourselves. We still use the strong technology of the Java Cryptography Extension underneath which includes crypto providers like the Oracle/Sun or the open-source "Bouncy Castle" provider.


Our freely available Crococrypt application family uses the same technology that is part of CrococryptLib. This includes two desktop applications (Windows, Linux, Mac) and two Java servlet based web applications.


Current Status (2024): Active

Features in the queue:

Crypto Development, Customization, Consulting, and Training Services

Feel free to contact us for other crypto related development or conceptual services; or an individual offer for a full integration of CrococryptLib into your software. We are also able to provide support for hardware tokens like Smartcards and HSMs.

Moreover, we offer remote training in crypto basics - in case you require a deeper understanding of state of the art cryptographic technologies.

We also have a course on Udemy on Secure Password Hashing in Java.

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