Secure Programming of Web Applications - eBook ►

Secure Programming of Web Applications - eBook

Understand application security: We can read about numerous successful attacks on well-known web applications on a weekly basis. Reason enough to study the background of "Web Application Security" of custom-made / self-developed applications - no matter if these are used only internally or with public access.

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This book DOES NOT cover related topics like secure (network) infrastructures, operating system security, patch management, firewall architectures etc. but instead focuses only at the application level - the central field of activity of a software developer.

Web applications are a generic expression for

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The most common / typical attacks against web applications are:



Frank Hissen successfully studied Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) focusing on IT security. For over 20 years, he works as IT consultant and software engineer; for over 15 years, he also works in various positions as security expert in IT development and consulting projects. He mainly worked for large businesses but also medium-sized companies.

Mr. Hissen is specialized in applied and technical IT security. For major as well as smaller companies, he equally developed and implemented security solutions and accompanied processes for secure product and software development. He became self-employed in 2009. Since then he works as freelancing expert in the area of web and cloud application security as well as cryptography.


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