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HissenIT reaches over 15,000 Online Students on e-Learning Platform Udemy

Added at 02/10/2021 by Frank Hissen

Over 700 worldwide reviews, with course ratings of 4.3 in average out of 5.0 of all courses (and I am working on it). At the moment, seven courses about IT Security Management, Secure custom Development, Cryptography and Encryption (English/German). Individual Coachings, Topics or online Seminars are possible as well. Courses can be licensed in other formats, like SCORM, for enterprise and offline use.

I started to give seminars in real life straight after graduation, kind of by accident. That was over 15 years ago. Thanks to the Internet, today I can reach people all over the world. I offer a mix of free and paid courses which is a common concept today.

Thanks to Udemy, one of the biggest e-learning platforms of the world! Recently, I also started a YouTube Channel, let's see where this will go.

Courses I am currently offering (more to come):

For SCORM and other licensing or individual Coaching sessions just contact me.

We also created a new IT Training section and will offer and self-publish courses, seminars, books and other material in the future.

Course Statistics and Reviews

I am still fascinated how international everything became so quickly. English speaking courses of course have a major customer base in the USA (~23%) but over 60% in all other parts of the world. Aside from a big cluster in India, all other countries with a similar small proportion:

When you offer material publicly, you quickly learn that you cannot please everyone. However, the overall ratings hold up. Of course, I know there is always room for improvement. That is also a matter of time to do it.

Thanks to my students for all the support!


HissenIT, is a small business focusing on software development and security consulting - offering special services from experience in IT security, web application security and encryption solutions.


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