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HissenIT Kiosk - A Kiosk Web Browser for Kiosk-PCs

HissenIT Kiosk is a Web Browser in Kiosk mode. The Kiosk browser is displayed in full screen, hiding all other system bars or icons. There are three options to configure the actual Kiosk behavior:

HissenIT Kiosk is used in the context of Kiosk computers, Kiosk PCs or Windows in kiosk mode. Other systems are also possible.

Please note our recommendations on security.

We describe some use cases below.


Wikipedia with Location bar

HissenIT Kiosk Demo

Wikipedia without Location bar

HissenIT Kiosk Demo

Company Homepage without Location bar

HissenIT Kiosk Demo

Use Cases

Technically speaking, the use case of HissenIT Kiosk is everywhere where content (Web-based, Web sites, Information, Images, Videos, Web-/Games etc.) has to be displayed with or without user interaction AND the underlying computer/device/machine shall not be visible, used and tampered with. This could be but is not limited to the following use case examples:

The content can be anything that can be displayed by a modern HTML5-based Web Browser, e.g.: HTML, JavaScript applications, images/pictures, videos, animations, presentations, games etc.

Device Security: Kiosk Configuration

We provide an easy Windows script to restrict important action / hot keys like CTRL, ALT, Windows-Key etc., but we suggest to to use an additional restricted system configuration to deny the user to access the underlying system! Required actions for this are, e.g.: Using a restricted user account, disable additional software that might popup or use additional Kiosk mode software to restrict the system to run a single application. HissenIT Kiosk only provides a Kiosk Web Browser!

We also suggest to use a secure BIOS/CMOS and Windows account password - in case the user is able to perform a hard reset (or disconnect power etc.) of the corresponding computer.

License / EULA

Please see the download page.