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Windows Software Development Service

CrococryptFile by HissenIT
CrococryptFile Setup by HissenIT

We develop custom-made / tailor-made Windows programs for situations where no fitting software solution exists. Individual software can improve and optimize your work process and can be exactly adapted to your individual needs.

Custom software solutions could be simple batch processes, format converters, database applications, or other middleware. However, also complete frontend applications could be necessary. This software could be used for the automation of certain operations of work.

Helper programs (or utilities/utils) can be a significant simplification of everyday work at the PC or computer. It does not matter if these applications are "small" or "big". Recurring, manual activities should be examined for possibilities of automation. Likewise, a helper program can be used as validation and error checking tool to simplify workload.


Our Software products include freely available Windows applications - with and without installer - as an example of our work.