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CrococryptFile: File Encryption Video Tutorial / Training Course

We have created a freely available online course called "File Encryption Basics and Practices with CrococryptFile". Among others, you can watch it at Vimeo and Udemy.

If you just want to get a quick look on CrococryptFile in action, checkout the quick demo video.

Offline Video Training Course (HD)

We also offer the training course as free offline portable Windows application. Please note that it contains HD video. Hence, the portable extractor setup is ~125MB in size and the extracted application needs ~250MB of disk space.

CrococryptFile Training Course
1.0 (Portable EXE)

The course is also available in the SCORM format / HTML 5 for Learning Management Systems (LMS):

CrococryptFile Training Course
1.0 (SCORM / HTML5)


1Introduction to Encryption and File-encryptionThe chapter gives a short introduction to the terminology and the background of encryption in general. It also provides the important characteristics of encryption on the file-system level.
2 CrococryptFile Windows InstallationThe chapter contains how to download and install CrococryptFile on Windows and provides a basic overview about the installed components.
3 Password-based Encryption, Decryption and WebDecryptThe chapter demonstrates how to use the password-based encryption capabilities of the CrococryptFile open-source application family.
4Token-based Encryption with Windows Keystore and OpenPGPThe chapter demonstrates how to use tokens to encrypt file archives with CrococryptFile.
5Forensics on Headerless encrypted FilesThe chapter explains the forensics regarding privacy issues of encrypted file archives and demonstrates the usage of headerless files with CrococryptFile.
6Linux, Unix and Command-line usageThe chapter demonstrates the *ix user interface (UI) of CrococryptFile and the command-line interface for server and scripting purposes.
-Course Assessment Questionnaire This assessment questionnaire provides the opportunity to verifiy the learning progress.

What it looks like

HissenIT CrococryptFile Training Course

HissenIT CrococryptFile Training Course

HissenIT CrococryptFile Training Course

CrococryptFile Quick Demo Video (without audio)

- You can maximize the video by clicking on the maximize button in the video controls -

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