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CrococryptMirror Pro 1.5 - Software for secure Data Backup with Encryption

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Based on the famous Freeware product line, tested, e.g., by gHacks and "ilovefreesoftware".

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Encrypted Backups

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Encryption

Short Introduction

CrococryptMirror is a Backup Software and an Encryption Tool in one. It mirrors user-selected folders to encrypted folders. The destination folder can be any external storage, another folder or network share. In case a local folder is already synchronized with a cloud storage, that way an encrypted cloud backup can be accomplished. Please note that CrococryptMirror performs file-based backups only, system backups / images are not supported at this point!

The encryption algorithms that are used are the industry standards AES-256 and Twofish-256. The used keyfile is also highly secured using common standards (PKCS#5/PBKDF2). Storing the encrypted data is done using individual, compressed files. Hence, incremental / iterative updates can be performed fast and only single files that have changed have to be updated (ideal, e.g., for Cloud Uploads). The mirroring process is a real 'mirror': For instance, deleted files are also removed in the backup etc.

The offered version here is the portable version of CrococryptMirror. Keyfile and settings are stored together with the application itself. Hence, the complete software including backup data can be stored on, e.g., an external hard drive and can be used without installation.

Mirroring can be done manually (on-demand) or by using the sync service which detects directory changes on the fly.


Trial version: Direct Download

The current trial versions can be downloaded directly here:

Windows 10 Installation Issue

CrococryptMirror - Windows 10 Security Installation - Step 1 CrococryptMirror - Windows 10 Security Installation - Step 2

Also, warnings when downloading in browser are possible:

Version Information


Release Notes

1.52 (02/01/2020):

1.51 (01.04.2018):

1.5 (02.02.2018):

Features and Screenshots

Welcome Screen with Password Security Advice

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

Empty List of encrypted Containers

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

Create an encrypted Container based on a selected Folder

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

Manual Sync of Folder into the encrypted Container

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

File encryption sync from plain Folder finished

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

Plain Explorer View of the encrypted Container files

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

Demo to show and compare the plain Folder and the encrypted Container

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

Multiple encrypted Containers

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

CrococryptMirror Files Menu

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro

CrococryptMirror Info Menu

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro


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End-User License Agreement (EULA)

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In no event shall the liability exceed the license price paid to HissenIT.

If any term of this EULA shall be found invalid, the term shall be modified or omitted to the extent necessary, and the remainder of the EULA shall continue in full effect.

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