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Custom Software Development

The software basis of HissenIT Masterdata is an internal framework that was created for the development of arbitrary database applications. Customizations and extensions to the freeware HissenIT Masterdata are of course also possible.

If you like you can get in touch with us to discuss your request in the area of custom software development and programming without any obligation. You find an overview about our services and contact information on our website Custom Software Development.

Calling third-party / external Applications

As an example, we can include the parameterized call of other software/programs to interface the database with other applications. This is possible via a custom URL scheme, command-line parameters/options or other API-based calls (local/HTTP/REST etc.).

Demo Application: HTML5-Video-based Offline Training Course Software

The free Video-based Training Course software application for CrococryptFile is another use case example that shows how to easily build and package custom Windows and/or Server applications using our framework.