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CrococryptMirror Freeware: Backup with File and Folder Encryption


This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranties or conditions of any kind.
In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, subject to the following restriction: You may not distribute or redistribute this software without permission.

Official Download

CrococryptMirror is available in English and German. All languages are included in a single installer.

Downloads for Windows (Freeware)

All Windows versions since XP and above are being supported.

CrococryptMirror 1.43
Setup, 64Bit
CrococryptMirror Portable 1.43
Self-extracting, 64Bit

CrococryptMirror 1.43
Setup, 32Bit
CrococryptMirror Portable 1.43
Self-extracting, 32Bit

General Information

Current AV Warnings

From time to time products of the Crococrypt Product Family are detected by individual antivirus software products as malware. These messages are so called "false positives". In such cases, you receive a warning by mistake because some binary pattern in the heuristics database of your antivirus software matches some random pattern in our product.

You can always verify that it is indeed a false warning by using, e.g., VirusTotal to scan our website or software. Sometimes even the whole website might be listed as malicious by SINGLE services.

If you are affected by such a case, please inform us via e-mail. We have and will correspond with the respective AV manufacturer which usually updates its virus pattern database.

The are no known warnings at the moment.

Windows 10/11 Installation Issue

CrococryptMirror - Windows 10 Security Installation - Step 1 CrococryptMirror - Windows 10 Security Installation - Step 2

Also, warnings when downloading in browser are possible:

Version History

1.43 (11/10/2020):

1.42 (02/01/2020):

1.41 (04/01/2018):

1.4 (01/10/2017):

1.3 (02/22/2016):

1.2i (02/10/2016):

1.2 (01/18/2016):

1.1 (07/20/2015):

1.0 (03/26/2015):

0.9b (02/26/2015):

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