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CrococryptMirror Blog - Backup with Container Encryption

HissenIT Crococrypt Product Family Status of 2021 (Quo vadis?)

Added at 04/26/2021 by Frank Hissen

Also upon some user requests, we describe the current status of our Crococrypt Product Family in 2021 which includes our file encryption software CrococryptFile and CrococryptMirror as well as the CrococryptLib SDK for secure password handling and easy-to-use password-based encryption in tailor-made applications. To cut it short: All programs are still in active development and you receive support! ...

Attention when choosing an Encryption solution - Weakness in Password manager of Firefox and Thunderbird

Added at 03/21/2018 by Frank Hissen

An "IT security researcher" recently engaged attention on a seemingly older, known weakness in Mozilla's password managers of Firefox and Thunderbird. Core problem is the way of dealing with the master password (keyword: secure password hashing). We recommend for years to pay close attention - when choosing an encryption software - which password hashing procedure is used. Otherwise, you eventually have no real data encryption at all. We try to provide some clear background information. ...

HissenIT CrococryptMirror Pro v1.5 released - Software for encrypted File Backups

Added at 02/19/2018 by Frank Hissen

HissenIT introduced the Pro version of the file and folder backup encryption tool CrococryptMirror. To finance the freeware project, the new Pro version costs a small fee. New features of CrococryptMirror will always be introduced in the Pro version first. Version 1.5 received a massive performance enhancement due to internal optimization. Also, the UI was revised and several stability fixes were added. Still, the software works independent and does not require an online connection or registration. ...

File and Folder encryption software CrococryptMirror 1.4 released - New password features and stability improvements

Added at 01/10/2017 by Frank Hissen

HissenIT released a new version of the file and folder encryption tool CrococryptMirror. It includes a password change function and - as requested by many users - a command-line option to provide the keyfile password. Although not recommended, this function can be used to provide the password, e.g., in scripts for automation purposes. The feature can also be used to "store" the keyfile password. ...

CrococryptMirror 1.2 released – 32bit support and bugfixes

Added at 01/18/2016 by Frank Hissen

We released an update of CrococryptMirror as version 1.2. This relates to the setup and the portable version. Beside some bugfixes, we added a 32bit version for Windows XP and above. ...

CrococryptMirror and CrococryptFile ready for Windows 10

Added at 07/31/2015 by Frank Hissen

We were able to test CrococryptMirror and CrococryptFile on Windows 10 successfully. Both applications run without problems in their respective current versions. ...

Introducing cloaked (headerless) files - CrococryptFile 1.3 released

Added at 07/02/2015 by Frank Hissen

Today, we released CrococryptFile 1.3 as free download. This version includes a new crypto suite: "cloaked" archives. This kind of suite encrypts archives without headers. What this exactly means, we explain in the following. ...

Container vs. File-by-file Encryption OR CrococryptFile vs. CrococryptMirror

Added at 06/15/2015 by Frank Hissen

This article is about the differences of the encryption schemes between a container and a file-by-file encryption solution and the resulting privacy implications. At the end, you will see that it is also a matter of taste and application context. ...