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Freeware File Encryption: Support the CrococryptMirror Development

CrococryptMirror is freeware. Nevertheless, if you like to support the project's further development financially:

Support with

The payment is done with PayPal (separate window). In case you want to support the development of CrococryptMirror in a different way, simply contact us.

Alternatively, you can support CrococryptMirror by a monthly subscription of 0.99 EUR via Paypal. You can stop the subscription payment every month!

Pro Version

Another way of supporting the CrococryptMirror freeware is to buy the Pro version for a small fee. New features of CrococryptMirror will always be introduced in the Pro version first.


If you like CrococryptMirror, it would be a great thing if you share it with others!

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