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eBay Solutions: Shop and ERP Connector / Lister / Middleware

Summary: eBay Integration and Automation: articles/items, templates, orders, internationalization, ...;
Coupling/Interfacing with other Systems, e.g., merchandise management/ERP system
Security: Secure Programming (→ Guideline)
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Status: 11 / 2023

With the HissenIT ERP Connector, we support the connection of eBay to your merchandise management system, store/shop system, etc. Integration takes place via the eBay API. The following processes can be executed, among others:

HissenIT ERP eBay View

Parameterized sources, such as plain text or HTML templates, can be used to generate item descriptions/item details. Translation aids can also be used to access international eBay marketplaces.
The easiest way to do this is to connect or link existing data from e.g. merchandise management or your own store with eBay in order to have a central, one-time data maintenance. Order imports into other systems, as well as sales evaluations or follow-up processes such as invoice creation/printing or shipping label generation are also possible.

Alternatively, a connection is also possible via CSV files or Excel format for the eBay seller hub / cockpit.

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