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CrococryptFile Offline Training Course as free Windows Software available

Added at 05/26/2017 by Frank Hissen

HissenIT published the existing and freely available online video training course "File Encryption Basics and Practices with CrococryptFile" now also as offline version as a portable Windows software - using its in-house application framwork. Since it contains HD video, the portable extractor setup is ~125MB in size and the extracted application needs ~250MB of disk space.

HissenIT CrococryptFile Training Course

The course is for users of any kind and also includes a short introduction into the topics of cryptography and encryption. The chapters:

  1. Introduction to Encryption and File-encryption
  2. CrococryptFile Windows Installation
  3. Password-based Encryption, Decryption and WebDecrypt
  4. Token-based Encryption with Windows Keystore and OpenPGP
  5. Forensics on Headerless encrypted Files
  6. Linux, Unix and Command-line usage

The realization was done using its in-house Application Framework for quick and cost-effective implementation of Windows and Server applications.

HissenIT - Software development and IT consulting

The developer, HissenIT, is a small business company in Germany focusing on IT software development, programming and consulting. Founder and computer scientist Frank Hissen has over 25 years of experience in various positions in IT projects. HissenIT also offers Java-based security, cryptography and encryption development as well as consulting services and free file encryption tools.


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